LICHTENSTEIN COMPOSITIONS : Art Inspiration Workshop: Live Online: Fri 29th Jan 1.30pm

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A LIVE, interactive online workshop based around Roy Lichtenstein's Compositions.

Children are welcome to attend on their own or with family/household members.

Delivered and created by the Dot Kids Founder, Julie Bevan.

I will encourage everyone to create their own art work, inspired byLichtenstein's Compositions.

This will be a fun and informative session, which will enhance creative confidence and creative freedom.

Limited numbers attend, to allow full interaction, discussion and sharing of art work if you wish to.

The session will be delivered online via Zoom, a video conference website and App used for distance learning & meetings. 

Friday 29th January 2020


The Workshop starts at 1.30pm GMT (UK TIME ZONE)
you will be emailed full instructions after booking.

Please join the Zoom Virtual Waiting Room at 1-1.15pm GMT, this allows plenty of time for me to assist you should you have any log in issues. After 1.30pm, I will be delivering the workshop and it will be difficult to assist.

I will let everyone into the zoom meeting at approx 1.28pm GMT

You will receive full instructions, zoom link & password via email after booking.

The session length will be 60 minutes.

All ages welcome! Children are welcome to attend on their own or with family/household members!


A fully interactive, live, session; where attendees can ask questions, engage in discussion & get feedback. Just select the booking type that applies to you.

£7.97 for one attendee

£12.97 for two attendees from the same device.

£14.97 for three or more attendees from the same device.

If they wish, during the session there will be plenty of opportunity for attendees to ask questions, comment, discuss & show their art. There is no pressure to do this though. I recognise that not everyone is comfortable doing so. If you prefer to just watch and create that is fine. The sessions are very inclusive and do not centre on perfection and 'copying' but on self-expression, I often find that children that are very shy at the beginning find the confidence to speak after just one or two workshops, giving them extreme confidence. You & your child can also choose to disable the video camera, if you would prefer not to be visible on the zoom call.

I'm sure you will have everything you need at home, all that is required are;
  • some sheets of plain paper to create art on or if you prefer a blank canvas (these can be purchased via Dot Kids.
  • a pencil.
  • something to colour with;  colouring pencils or paints or pens or pastels or crayons etc...
  • helpful - ruler.
  • helpful- something to help draw circles, eg cups to draw around.
  • optional - small circle stickers.
      Once you have booked, an email will be sent to you with zoom instructions & links. Please check spam folders for this email. If you are unable to locate please contact me. 

      Please contact me if you have any questions.

      *Image 2, 3, 4 & 5 are from Dot Kids online workshops and tuition sessions, copyright Dot Kids Ltd.