Mindfulness And Mindset For Children

  • £8.00

A safe, supportive place for your child to relax & reflect
Grow confidence, self-expression & self-belief
MINDFULNESS is a way of thinking that focuses on the present, without judgement.
When you are mindful you accept your current emotions as you become aware of them.
Mindfulness aids positive thinking.
Studies have shown that Mindfulness increases general well-being.
In these sessions we will practice dedicated child focused Mindfulness breathing techniques & visualisations, which will enable your child to have the tools to relax, unwind and deal with any anxiety & stress.
MINDSET is the set of beliefs that we have about ourselves and of our potential.
If a child's mindset is fixed that child will doubt themselves, feel negative & consider their own potential as limited. 
In an age appropriate manner we will concentrate on Positive Growth Mindset; helping your child to develop their confidence and to believe in their potential.
We will explore and discuss self-expression, self-belief, friendship, gratitude, empowerment & equality. We will make Gratitude Lists and we will learn how to Journal.
Children age 5 - 11 years old 
This is a drop-off session.