Mindfulness & Mindset Live Online Sessions For Children

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This is going to be so positive and relaxing for your child.

 live, interactive online Mindfulness & Mindset session, delivered and created by the Dot Kids Founder, Julie Bevan.

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A safe, supportive place for your child to relax & reflect, grow confidence, self-expression & self-belief.
MINDFULNESS is a way of thinking that focuses on the present, without judgement. 

When you are mindful you accept your current emotions as you become aware of them. 

Mindfulness aids positive thinking.

Studies have shown that Mindfulness increases general well-being.

In these sessions we will practice dedicated child focused Mindfulness, which will enable your child to have the tools to relax, unwind and deal with any anxiety & stress.
MINDSET is the set of beliefs that we have about ourselves and of our potential.

If a child's mindset is fixed that child will doubt themselves, feel negative & consider their own potential as limited.

In an age appropriate manner we will concentrate on Positive Growth Mindset; helping your child to develop their confidence and to believe in their potential.

We will explore and discuss self-expression, self-belief, friendship, gratitude, empowerment & equality.

Equipment needed: I'm sure you will have everything you need at home, all that is required are;

  • some sheets of paper
  • a pen and/or pencil
  • sometimes a small selection of colouring pens or pencils

The sessions will be delivered online via Zoom, a secure conference website and App used for distance learning & meetings. 
Learn more about the Dot Kids Zoom Online Safeguarding Practice

Your child can choose to be on camera too or if they/you prefer they do not need to be visible. During the session we can engage in a discussion, each child can talk or type a message on Zoom - again if your child prefers not to then your computer microphone can be switched off and they can choose to just listen or type their messages.

For Children aged 5-11 years.

Limited spaces, so booking is essential.
You will receive a zoom link and password the evening before the workshop.

The prices are per session, not per child; so two or three siblings can join in on one session for the same price.

There is flexibility around the age ranges.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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