OMmmm A Feel Good Gift Box For Children: February 2021 Edition

OMmmm - A Feel Good Gift Box For Children: February 2021 Issue, due to be dispatched the second week of February 2021.

This is your opportunity to purchase a single OMmmm Gift Box, without subscribing to the monthly version!


Focusing on Positive Mindset, Emotions, Self-Expression, Self-Believe & Mindfulness.

2020 has been a stressful, uncertain time for all of us. The added tensions and worry on our children has been extreme.

Closure of schools, overheard snippets of terrifying news and heightened emotions in everyone, result in confusion, difficulty in sleeping and worry for our children.

More than ever Mindfulness, Growth Positive Mindset, the ability to discuss and understand emotions has never been so important.

OMmmm introduces all these concepts to your child in a subtle, fun & age appropriate way.

OMmmm is a safe, supportive place for your child to relax & reflect, understand emotions, grow confidence, self-expression & self-belief.

A Children's Gift Box WITH A DIFFERENCE!

What's included?

  • An OMmmm Mindfulness & Mindset Gift Box delivered to your door!

  • The Gift Box contains;

  • A book.

  • A Minimum of Four Gifts aimed at encouraging Mindfulness & Growth Mindset in your child.

  • An Exclusive Dot Kids Mindfulness & Mindset On-Demand Online Session, with Dot Kids Founder and Mindset & Confidence Coach, Julie Bevan.

  • An On-Demand Online Guided Meditation, with Dot Kids Founder and Mindset & Confidence Coach, Julie Bevan.

  • An On-Demand Online "walk-through" of the gift box contents.

OMmmm is expertly developed and will help your child in so many areas:

  • enable your child to have the tools to relax, unwind and deal with anxiety & stress.

  • develop positive thinking.

  • develop a Positive Growth Mindset.

  • learn ways to relax and deal with stress.

  • ability to discuss feelings and emotions.

  • increase self-expression.

  • gain self-belief.

  • the importance of friendship.

  • embrace gratitude.

  • feel empowerment.

  • understand equality. 

  • understand emotions.

  • develop empathy

  • All of which impacts positively in all areas of life, instilling important life skills

Lovingly & expertly curated by the Dot Kids founder & Mindset & Confidence Coach, Julie Bevan.

OMmmm is for children aged 4-11 years. Choose from a gift box for ages 4-7 years or a subscription for ages 7-11 years.

OMmmm is developed to aid positive thinking, develop a Positive Growth, increase self-expression, self-belief, friendship, gratitude, empowerment & equality. All of which impacts positively on all areas of life, instilling important life skills.