Georgia O'Keefe Inspired Art

Georgia O'Keefe Inspired Art

Every online art workshop during the Covid-19 lockdown seems to take on a new meaning and the Georgia O'Keefe Art Workshop was no exception. As many of you will know I also run Mindfulness Sessions For Children which have have been so beneficial to both myself and the children who attend. The beauty of nature has been accentuated for so many during this period, as many of us have more time to be in tune with nature, which in turn helps relax and ground us. Georgia O'Keefe's intense close up paintings of flowers and petals reminded us further to slow down and look, apprecaite and be grateful.

Here are just some of the incredible art works created.

Please share with friends and relatives - at the bottom of the page, you can leave comments for the children.

If your child missed out on the Live Online Georgia O'Keefe Online Art Workshop don't despair - they can watch and enjoy the forthcoming On-Demand Georgia O'Keefe Online Workshop. As it is pre-recorded, your child can watch and pause at their leisure. It should keep your children engaged in creativity for approx one-three hours (dependent on age and concentration levels).

And it's just one price per family too!

Join the waiting list now to be the first to be notified of availability.

Georgia O'Keefe Children's Art Class Georgia O'Keefe Children's Art Class Georgia O'Keefe Children's Art Class
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