Another New After School Art Club will be announced this week! Which school will it be?

Another New After School Art Club will be announced this week! Which school will it be?

We are so excited at Dot Kids HQ, because from Term 4 onwards we will be sprinkling our Dot Kids magic at a new school location, with another New Dot Kids After School Art Club.

So, which school will be the next to embark on this creative journey with Dot Kids?

We can't spill the beans just yet, but we promise the announcement is just around the corner.

Keep an eye on your inboxes:

• If you are a subscriber to our Dot Kids Newsletter you will find out the new school location, later this week.

 • The parents & carers of the new school will also receive an email from the host school with information and booking details.


Unleashing Creativity, Fostering Confidence:

Dot Kids Art Clubs have been making waves in schools, igniting a passion for creativity and sowing seeds of innovation and resilience in children. With the guidance of Arts & Mindset Educator Julie Bevan, the Dot Kids Method is a catalyst for self-discovery, confidence building and overall wellbeing.


Our innovative approach to Art Education goes beyond conventional techniques, focusing on embracing mistakes as valuable learning opportunities and fostering a supportive, inclusive environment.


Inclusivity, Celebration, and Empowerment:

Dot Kids welcomes children of all abilities, celebrating uniqueness and encouraging them to boldly embrace their individuality. Our mission is to inspire creativity, increase well-being and unlock confidence through the transformative power of art.


The immersive Art Clubs created by Dot Kids empower children to navigate the complexities of the world with resilience and understanding. It's not just about creating art; it's about shaping confident and empathetic individuals who can leave their mark on the world.


Which school will be the new host of this immersive creative experience?  

Dot Kids is committed to cultivating a generation of confident and empathetic individuals who embrace their unique perspectives. Our After School Art Clubs seamlessly blend art with mindset development, ensuring that every child's journey of self-discovery through art is celebrated.


Unlock Creativity, Foster Resilience:

Get ready for another round of creative adventures, experimental masterpieces and confident young artists proudly displaying their creations at home. Dot Kids is on a mission to unlock creativity, foster resilience, and empower children to boldly embrace their uniqueness.


Do you want Dot Kids to come to your school to deliver Art Clubs? Then please get in contact

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