Reflecting On Our Recent Beatriz Milhazes Art Inspiration Workshop

Reflecting On Our Recent Beatriz Milhazes Art Inspiration Workshop

During half term, we had the joy of hosting an incredible art workshop that allowed children to dive into the colourful and dynamic world of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. Our young artists learnt about her vibrant style and created their own stunning canvases inspired by her work.

Unleashing Creativity with Beatriz Milhazes

Beatriz Milhazes is renowned for her bright, bold, and intricate artworks that burst with life and energy. During the workshop, we introduced our budding artists to her style and techniques. Each child had the opportunity to create their own masterpiece, using Milhazes' art as a guiding light.

What Made This Workshop Special?

A Painted Canvas To Be Proud Of

At the end of the session, every participant took home not only their vibrant painted canvas but also a bundle of creative ideas and handouts. These handouts were packed with tips, inspiration, and a touch of Milhazes' magic, ensuring that the creative spark continues to burn bright long after the workshop.

Fostering a Supportive Environment

One of the core principles of the Dot Kids’ workshops is fostering a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. We believe in the power of community and mutual support. Our young artists cheered each other on, shared ideas, and celebrated each other's successes. This nurturing environment allowed each child to flourish and feel confident in their artistic journey.

Embracing ‘Mistakes'

Art is all about exploration and expression, and sometimes that means making ‘mistakes’. At our Dot Kids art workshops, we celebrate these moments as opportunities to learn and grow. This approach helps our participants to develop resilience and embrace the creative process with confidence and joy.

Welcoming All Abilities

Art is a universal language, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves. Our art workshops are open to children of all abilities, and we were thrilled to see such a diverse group of young artists sharing their unique perspectives and talents.

Focusing on Expression, Not Perfection

In our art workshops, the goal is not to create a perfect copy of a masterpiece. Instead, we focus on expression, joy, and the creative journey. This approach allows our young artists to experiment freely, without the pressure of perfection. The results are diverse and beautiful.

The Dot Kids Method: More Than Just Art

Our Beatriz Milhazes Art Inspiration Workshop was a wonderful demonstration of the Dot Kids innovative art method. We believe that art is not just about putting colours on a canvas—it's a powerful catalyst for self-discovery, confidence, and wellbeing. Through our workshops, we aim to provide children with the tools they need to express themselves, embrace their creativity, and build confidence that extends beyond the art class.


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