Ways To Well-Being Project: Creative Mindfulness

Ways To Well-Being Project: Creative Mindfulness

2020/21 has been an extremely challenging time for well-being and mental health, especially for young people. Throughout the pandemic, Dot Kids has been helping children to embrace a positive creative mindset, both through Online Art Inspiration Workshops and Mindfulness & Mindset Sessions. These sessions give children a voice to express themselves and be in "the moment".

“You have literally saved my daughter during lockdown - Her spark for Art is just amazing and we have a gallery wall taking up almost the first floor of our house and it's beautiful! Thank you!” Nikki, Ramsgate.

Throughout all our work, Dot Kids aim is always to increase well-being, self-expression & confidence through creativity & art.

We were thrilled to be asked by Revival Cafe & Well-Being to produce a Creative Mindfulness Online Workshop & accompanying Art Box, which contained acrylic paints, brushes and art canvas. Thirty local children were involved in the project and each immersed themselves in Creative Mindfulness and produced an art canvas whilst focusing on the process, the enjoyment and the Mindfulness Activity of creating, rather than the outcome. 

Engaging in the Creative Arts can make a powerful contribution to a child’s mental health:

  • proven to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress.
  • helps boost a child’s confidence & self-expression.
  • can make children feel more engaged and resilient.
  • increases social confidence with peers.

“Getting involved with the arts can have powerful and lasting effects on health. It can help to protect against a range of mental health conditions, help manage mental ill health and support recovery”  The Mental Health Foundation.

Below are just some of the completed canvasses that the children created in response to the Creative Mindfulness Workshop.

Dot Kids Art Inspiration Workshops & Art Clubs are not centred around 'talent'. We focus on encouraging creative confidence & developing creative freedom. 
The sessions enhance self-expression, understanding & discussion. Our inspiration comes from amazing artists, art history and each other! Together we embrace the knowledge that we are all unique and capable of creativity. 

Find out more about Dot Kids Art Inspiration Workshops & Art Clubs both online and in-person here.

A WAYS TO WELL-BEING EXHIBITION will showcase a brilliant range of exhibits to enjoy: alongside Dot Kids there will be Mindful Photography, Slow Stitch, local artists, Keith Brymer-Jones, Suggs and many local schools, groups and individuals as well as a first look at the amazing array of original artworks and prints for our online auction.

Organised by Revival Cafe & Well-Being the exhibition will be held on:

From 10am - 6pm
Friday 9th & Saturday 10th July 2021

At Harbour Street Church
10 Harbour Street
CT5 1AQ. 

The Exhibition is free and all are welcome.

Dot Kids Creative Mindfulness: Ways To Well-Being Project 

Dot Kids Creative Mindfulness: Ways To Well-Being Project


Dot Kids Creative Mindfulness: Ways To Well-Being Project


Dot Kids Creative Mindfulness: Ways To Well-Being ProjectCreative Mindfulness Workshops For Children

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