World Art Day 2024

World Art Day 2024

Happy World Art Day!

World Art Day is celebrated on April 15th every year to honour the contributions of artists and promote the importance of art in our lives. This day marks the birthday of the famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, who is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time.

At Dot Kids, every day is a celebration of creativity and self-expression. We believe that art is more than just colours on a canvas; it's a catalyst for personal growth, resilience and wellbeing.

World Art Day encourages us to recognise the importance of art in our lives and its profound impact on society. Dot Kids' approach to art education is to use art to embrace our unique perspectives, celebrate diversity, and cultivate empathy through creative expression.

Through our immersive Art Clubs and innovative art curriculum, we empower children to explore their creativity, build confidence, and navigate the complexities of the world with resilience and understanding. We embrace mistakes as valuable learning opportunities and foster a supportive, inclusive environment where every child feels inspired to boldly embrace their individuality.

Our commitment is to inspire creativity and unlock the boundless potential within each child. Creating a future where art is not just a form of expression but a powerful tool for positive change.


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