Dot Kids 'Pay It Forward' Initiative

Inspiring and empowering children through creativity, mindset and discussion is the main aim of Dot Kids and I want to provide this opportunity to everyone.
Therefore I have set up a ‘Pay It Forward’ system, to enable children from low-income families to attend for free.
There are two ways to donate:
1. When a parent or carer books their child onto a Dot Kids workshop they can also choose to pay a donation towards a free place to a child from a low-income family.
2. Donation only. It can be as little as a pound, it all adds up and will accumilate to pay for children to attend workshops for free.
My hope is that eventually there will be enough money donated that I can come into schools and deliver the workshops for free, in addition to offering free places on workshops outside of school.
To get the ball rolling I have created five free places for the forthcoming ‘Art Makes Children Powerful Workshop’ at Cliffs, Margate this Sunday 10th November, 11am-12.30.
There is no means-testing when a parent or carer books a free place, the place is given with love and trust.