Dot Kids Zoom Safe Guarding Practice



Dot Kids are following best practice safe-guarding for our online zoom workshops and as such we have added some additional procedures to the online workshop. Please be assured that these have been added for the safety of your child.

Extra safe-guarding measures that have been implemented:
  • For single sessions you will receive an email the night before the session, containing the zoom link and password. If you book on the date of the workshop, your email will be sent after booking that day, so that you can still obtain access.

  • For bookings for a complete term, you will receive an email containing all zoom links & passwords for the complete term.

  • We will enable a virtual “waiting room” and we will allow attendees into the zoom meeting once they are authenticated.

  • Please note I will open the zoom waiting room 30 minutes before the session to allow plenty of time for logging in. It is advisable to log in then, as once the workshop starts I will not be able to assist if you have any log in or password issues.
  • Once all our attendees have joined the workshops we will “lock" the virtual classroom. 
  • We will disable the ability for any attendees to screen share.
  • We will disable the ability for any attendees to private message other attendees.
  • We will set all attendees to “Mute” when they join the zoom workshop. 
  • We will disable “file transfer”between attendees.
  • During the sessions please refrain from taking any photographs or screen shots of children that are not your own.

  • During online Art Club, I will record the session and make it available only to members of the Art Club who have missed that session. It will be hosted on a secure online teaching platform.