One-To-One Creative Mentoring

Inspiring children through creativity

The Benefits on Creative Mentoring

Does your child lack creative confidence? 

Maybe your child finds it difficult to express their emotions?

My one-to-one creative mentoring sessions can help lift creative blocks, increase confidence and enhance self-expression.

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How Can Creative Mentoring Help?

The sessions can help lift creative blocks, increase confidence, encourage creative freedom & experimentation and enhance self-expression.

For children aged 4 - 18 years old.

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Tailor Made Program For Your Child

During our sessions I can gauge which creative areas will best spark your child's passion and assess areas to concentrate on.

Between each session I will create a creative program tailor made to meet your child's needs. The program will be fluid, as a child’s needs can fluctuate.

It will include creative exercises, a selection of inspirational artists and art mediums appropriate to your child's needs and personality.

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Creativity impacts positively in all areas of a child's life

Areas that I also cover are creative confidence, creative freedom & experimentation. 

I can also focus on creative self-expression, as I strongly believe a child’s ability to express themselves and empathise with others impacts positively on their creativity and in other areas of life.

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Further ideas to explore at home

The program will also include suggestions of methods that can be implemented at home, book recommendations, resource materials, gallery and website lists. Suggestions on how your child can further their art practice between sessions. 

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Anywhere in the world!

These sessions can be delivered in person, in my home studio in Whitstable or via zoom calls, so you do not need to live locally to take part. (A Zoom Call is a type of conference call).

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Please note that there is often a waiting list for one-to-one sessions.