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Dot Kids

Smash The Glass Ceiling Enamel Pin

Smash The Glass Ceiling Enamel Pin

"Smash The Glass Ceiling" Power Pin by Dot Kids/Kaleidophon

A powerful, inspirational message for women, daughters, sons & men. 

The design also references cinderella's glass slipper and the synthetic ideals of beauty & subservience that so many of us have been taught during childhood and beyond.

Let's teach our daughters they can and they will! 

Wear your Power Pin with Pride!

  • Length: 27 mm
  • Width: 30 mm


Not suitable for children under the age of six years old

Smash The Class Ceiling Enamel Pin designed by Dot Kids/Kaleidophon.

Sold exclusively by Dot Kids/Kaleidophon.

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